Millie took Paula’s hand and lead her up the hill. Millie was hoping the fog would burn off soon so Paula would be in awe of the sight…

There in a grove of trees was a beautiful structure. Millie explained excitedly, this is our coven-meeting place. We meet here every week to pray.

Paula looked at Millie “What are you talking about?”
“I am a white witch and this is where the coven meets. Didn’t you read the agreement, when you agreed to come here.”
“You…You are what? Moreover, no I didn’t read the contract. I thought it was a joke,” stammered Paula.
“I am a witch, Paula you signed the agreement and it is not a joke, and it is quite serious.”
“Yes. But why do you want to be a witch?” Asked Paula
Millie had a hurt look on her face, “I thought you would be happy and want to be with me.”
“I don’t have any feelings about you being a witch; I am just overwhelmed by all of this. Again why a witch?
“I love the peaceful feeling we have within the group and wanted you to join us.” Replied Millie.
“You want me to enter a …coven?

As they stood talking, several more women appeared and headed for the structure. They nodded at Millie, who nodded back
“Please let’s go in and you will see what we do,” asked Millie.
“You are not serious? I am not a witch or even want to be one.”
Millie showing her hurt said, “I am sorry Paula, I thought you saw things like I do and that was why you sign the agreement. You are on your on now.” Millie left Paula and stomped off to the structure.
What did she mean by that? She sorta of threatened me. Thought Paula.

Paula stood there feeling sorry for hurting Millie’s feelings, but she didn’t sign up for this. This was not her bag. Deal or no deal. She started walking down the hill back to the car. About half way there, an image in a robe started walking toward her. The hair on her neck stood up, who is this?
“Hi Paula,” the image said.
“Who are you?”
“I am a witch. But I practice the dark side. Come with me.” With that, he grabbed Paula’s hand and started dragging her off.
Paula screamed. The image stopped looked at her and said., “You had a choice, now you don’t. Didn’t you read the fine print on the agreement?”

“No, I didn’t read the damn contract.”
“Too bad, cause now you are the sacrifice.”
Paula’s screams were not heard by anyone….